About Autlyn - E-commerce search engine, business listing and directory, and an interactive community of both buyers and sellers.


Our mission is to make e-commerce simple and interactive.

Autlyn is an e-commerce search engine and an interactive community of both buyers and sellers. We have created a community of businesses to help users discover interesting and value for money products. We endevour to create equal opportunities and empower all kinds of businesses to perform better.

Sitting atop, we're devoted to ensure 100% satisfaction to all our users.

Potential of online economy.

In the recent past, internet businesses are growing faster than the rest of the economy. To help businesses join the fastest growing economy, we are removing barriers to online commerce by providing tools to help you manage your business online. In turn, we're helping new businesses get started, expediting growth for existing companies, and increasing economic output and trade globally.

Search Engine

At our core is a powerful search engine that helps users easily locate listed businesses, products and services. You can search by product or service name, company or business name, location, building, street, city or country. Our cloud- based infrastructure helps provide reliability and scalability.

Solutions rooted in our design.

As an unmatched e-commerce platform, autlyn allows users to experience e-commerce better.

Removing online commerce complexity.

Our platform offers diversity, creates equal opportunities for all businesses thus empowering them to perform better as well as enabling buyers to discover interesting and value for money products.

Our Commitment

We endevor to become an unmatched global e-commerce platform rooted in these principles:-

  1. Benefit for all
  2. Care for all
  3. Open to all

In our DNA our core values are:-

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Value Addition
  3. Innovation
  4. Consciousness

Autlyn your business.