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Dealers in computers accessories i.e computer chargers, keyboard & batteries, network cables, display port adapters, type c chargers, Hdmi extender , hdmi splitter, usb hubs, vga converters, spdif , Hdmi cables, routers, mifi, desktop switch etc

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laptop batteries

laptop batteries...

From Ksh 2000 - 5000
Hdmi extender

HDMI extenders are used for extending the distance between a high definition television and a digita...

From Ksh 3500 - 13000
3.0 Usb Hub

3.0 usb hub A is a device that expands a single (USB) port into several so that there are more port...

Hdmi splitter

Hdmi splitter takes one source and sends it to multiple TV. There are two types,2 way and 8 way...

From Ksh 1500 - 2000


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You Will find us at: (Room Number Room.4c & 5c), Ground Floor , Terry House , Mfangano street
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