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Amaris Chemical Solutions

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Amaris Chemical Solu...

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About Amaris Chemical Solutions

AMARIS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS is a one stop shop for wholesale & retail of all kinds of chemicals comprising of; Industrial chemicals, Construction chemicals, Laboratory chemicals, Mining & Metal processing chemicals, Textile Rubber and Leather Processing chemicals, Fragrances, Solvents, Skin & Cosmetics chemicals, Paint Ink & Coating chemicals, Soap & Detergent chemicals, Water treatment chemicals.

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Ammonia (aqueous)

Ammonia (aqueous)jerrycan 33kg available at Amaris Chemical Stores ...

Labsa 96%

Labsa 96% 235 kg drum available at Amaris Chemical Stores. ...

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone available at Amaris Chemical Stores. ...

Calcium Octoate

Calcium Octoate 10% available at Amaris Chemical stores ...


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You Will find us at: (Room Number 26), 3rd Floor , Revlon Professional Plaza , Kimathi Street
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