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Laser Distance Measurer - get product in Autlyn

Laser Distance Measurer

Laser Distance Measurer - get product in Autlyn

From Ksh 3000 - 5000

Category: Equipment > construction

Product Description

This laser distance measurer provides accurate (accuracy of 1/16'') measurements up to 225' (68.6 m). It features 7 measuring modes: length, area, volume, minimums and maximums, continuous length, indirect length and multi-surface area measurements. Wide range of measurement options including inches, feet and inches, decimal feet and the metric system. Seven different measuring modes that are easily mastered with a minimal learning curve. Perfect tool to determine total surface area for paint, wall paper, construction materials needed, etc. Built-in bubble level for measuring horizontal distances and swing out extension pin for measuring inside of corners or hard to reach place. Precision laser measuring technology, so that laser beam does both pointing and measuring. Large easy to read graphic display. 4 AAA bateries are included.

Seller: Autlyn Demo

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